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Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Driver Update

This event sends binary data from the collected dump file wheneveer a bug check occurs, to help keep Windows up to date. VideoBitrate The starting bitrate for the video encoder. For example, Desktop, Server, or Mobile. StopUtcJsonTrace This event collects traces of all other Core events, not used in typical customer scenarios. TempCacheDeletedCount Number of temp caches deleted.

Set Up Bluetooth in Windows 10

CbsPackageRemoval This event provides information about the results of uninstalling a Windows Cumulative Security Update to help keep Windows up to date. Magnetometer Indicates whether the device has a magnetometer a mechanical component that works like a compass. This event provides information about application properties to indicate the successful execution. PerfBackoffInsurance Indicates if appraiser is running without performance backoff because it has run with perf backoff and failed to complete several times in a row. ThrottledDroppedCount Number of events dropped due to throttling of noisy providers.

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InventoryDeviceContainer A count of device container objects in cache. IndicatorValue The indicator value. Google Chrome ist von Google Inc. InstallLanguage The first language installed on the user machine. There is one step you all are missing.

Failover Clustering events Microsoft. Miracast events Microsoft.

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Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator. Enumerator Identifies the bus that enumerated the device. After Windows detect Bluetooth device, it is controlled by Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and not the third-party driver. ImageSize The size of the driver file.

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Orientation Indicates if an Orientation sensor is found. This event sends compatibility database information about non-blocking compatibility entries on the system that are not keyed by either applications or devices, to help keep Windows up-to-date. EventStoreResetCounter Number of times the event database was reset. DecisionMatchingInfoPostUpgradeAdd This event sends compatibility decision data about entries that require reinstall after upgrade. This event sends data indicating whether the current operating system is activated, to help keep Windows up to date.

OneDrive events Microsoft. Bluetooth Handsfree Audio Gateway.

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Microsoft bluetooth enumerator driver update

WaitingOnAppName If this is a cross process hang waiting for an application, this has the name of the application. LowestDataRate The lowest video bitrate used during the Miracast session, in bits per second.

Set Up Bluetooth in Windows 10

DriverShouldNotMigrate Should the driver package be migrated during upgrade? Drivers Update Tool Information. VersionMajor The major version of the driver package.

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Many built-in adapters are integrated with the Wi-Fi hardware and disabling the Bluetooth adapter may disable Wi-Fi support. If Bluetooth is not already on, gateway sa1 laptop drivers touch it to turn it on. Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator Driver. Some profiles may require installation of included Broadcom Bluetooth Software or to use the built-in Windows stack. Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator-driver-updater.

DriverIsDriverBlocked Is the driver package blocked because of a driver block? Apple Software Update ist von Apple Inc. ProcessorUpdateRevision The microcode revision. This event is sent when a product install or update is resumed by a user or on installation retries, to help keep Windows up-to-date and secure. When you install the latest update, you'll also get all the previous updates if your Surface doesn't have them already.

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AddinType The type of the Microsoft Office add-in. Compatibility events Microsoft.

LowerCaseLongPath The full file path to the file that was inventoried on the device. Context Indicates what mode Appraiser is running in. NeedsInstallPostUpgradeData After upgrade, the file will have a post-upgrade notification to install a replacement for the app.

DeviceTimeZone The time zone that is set on the device. AppDiagnostics Current state of the app diagnostics setting. This number is usually unique and used by the mobile operator to distinguish different phone hardware. FirmwareResetReasonPch Reason for system reset provided by firmware.