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I'm based in London. I provide custom web and mobile development to small-medium sized businesses, brands, and professionals. I am committed to designing responsive websites and mobile applications that engage your customers, stimulate traffic, and cultivate your brand.

What I do

I specialize in responsive web design, web development, mobile application development, game development and search engine optimization (SEO). I have helped clients in education, hospitality, healthcare, professional services and technology make a statement on the web and on mobile. I build functional, beautiful responsive websites and mobile applications tailored to drive more traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

Web design and development

The concept of designing calls for appealing and conspicuous ability in a digital prospect. If it looks good, it is bound to draw the preliminary attention of your clients but it is more imperative to observe the fact that for this attention to turn into a potential commitment, it needs far more than just the looks.

I encourage ‘Incorporation of RWD (Responsive Web Design)‘: The concept provides your website a unique ability to adapt to the device used to access it. It allows the desktop sites to adapt according to the smaller screens(mobiles, tablets etc.) and provide a similar experience without compromising quality. It is important to acknowledge the fact that Google has optimized its search engine to particularly select the sites suitable for mobiles when accessed from a mobile device. Thus Responsive Web Designing becomes more eminent than ever in mobile website designs.

I provide e-commerce solutions that allow my clients to adroitly tackle the challenges of developing an online business. My solutions are customized approaches for each specific brand to equip it with all the tools.

I prefer and recommends using WordPress. It is the most popular CMS, loaded with ever growing rich content, slick plug-ins and exciting themes. It allows you a smoother and commanding experience throughout your website.

Custom Content Management System: Sometimes, the specificity to the requirements of a client’s objectives calls for a more customized approach. In such cases, I suggest a Custom Content Management System that suits and adapts to the specific demands of a client’s website. I ensure a detailed discussion with the client to develop an idea of the best possible option for his/her site’s content.

Web design and development

Mobile application design and development

I provide avant-garde mobile applications that aid you in handling complex digital hindrances. These apps are adaptable, easy to maintain solutions.

My mobile app designs are modified to perform seamlessly across all devices and operating systems.


I thoroughly discuss the aims and objectives of the client to determine whether an app or a website would serve the client’s purpose better. The decision is ensued by a detailed market and viability research for the app that is aimed at beating the competition.

I then draft a prototype and provide you an idea of how your mobile app will appear and function. After collating your reviews and feedback on the prototype, the final content is developed and incorporated into your app.

I believe that mobile app development is not the end of the process, rather it is the beginning. It is an opening to new opportunities. And of course, my relentless support is always there with you till you get familiar with all its operations.

Mobile application design and development

Game design and development

Games are probably the only singular source that brings joy, education, skill and relief, all at once to a healthy or a stressed mind alike. It is a virtual world that has the power to satiate our stress and bring elation to our senses.

In the recent past, the face of gaming has undergone serious change and it is still evolving. Internet penetration across the globe calls for the extreme transformation of the gaming world. More and more users are turning online for a more interactive, real time and responsive gaming experience.

I believe in providing the next generation gaming service that is beyond the barriers of genre, devices or platforms and interfaces. I am excited to provide a wide range of gaming solutions across multiple devices and platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.

I am specialists in generating genre specific game designs that are engaging and adaptive. These games run and adapt smoothly to various platforms for desktop PCs as well as mobile devices. These mesmerizing online and mobile games are also designed with an aim to build a strong and loyal fan base across the dynamic and ever growing social network.

I take immense pleasure and pride from watching people enjoying my games. I love to see flourishing smiles emanating from my efforts.

Game design and development

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Murder Mystery

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Cherry Bonus V2

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